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Change in Landscape Management Services Company

The Board is pleased to announce that after a competitive bid process, Quail Run HOA has engaged a new landscaping services company and a contract was awarded to Urban Dirt Landscaping.

Urban Dirt Landscaping will take over landscaping services on September 1st.

Urban Dirt Landscaping is a full-service commercial landscape management company serving Austin, Houston and San Antonio. Their services cover:

  • regular mowing, edging, blowing;

  • shrub & vine pruning;

  • perennial cut back and shaping;

  • ground cover pruning;

  • weeding;

  • removal of debris;

  • maintenance of the tree canopy;

  • Irrigation inspections;

  • soil testing and analysis; and

  • fertilization.

In addition to maintenance pruning, we've approved a separate contract with Urban Dirt for clearance pruning. This will ensure trees are trimmed back from building, structures, sidewalks, roofs and roadways. We currently expect this clearance pruning to be done in August.

As a reminder, please do not engage the landscapers when you see them onsite. If you have any landscaping concerns, please contact our property management company RealManage.

We welcome Urban Dirt Landscaping to Quail Run and look forward to a mutually rewarding relationship that enhances the community.


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